La Casa del Leccio CITR: 009029-AFF-0009



In the locality of Isasco, less than 3 km from the wonderful beaches of Varigotti and a stone’s throw from the plateau of the “Manie”, La casa del Leccio (Holm Oak House) is nestled in the striking landscape, where the dark green colours of the countryside meet the intense blue of the Mediterranean sea and sky. Our house is situated at the heart of a network of enchanting pathways that run along one of the most beautiful parts of the Ligurian coast. They allow you to really appreciate this part of the coast, surrounded by the intense and wild perfumes of the typical vegetation of the area. It is the ideal destination for lovers of the sea who would like to also enjoy the peacefulness of the countryside. Moreover, it is an absolute must for anyone passionate about sport, from mountain biking and running to rambling and climbing. It obviously goes without saying that those looking for a “gastronomic holiday” will be delighted with the choice of mouth-watering dishes that various local restaurants offer.